Demands for a Democratic and Free Internet

Impressions from the Youth IGF in Berlin

By Khaled Zaza

Youth from different parts of the world have gathered at IGF Berlin to loudly and clearly voice their demand for a democratic and free Internet.

Internet Society Ambassadors, young online activists, bloggers and guests report on the different experiences and challenges that youth across the globe are facing with the Internet in their respective countries.

For instance, Tanzania’s youth hope for an Internet governance that allows fair access for all with more freedom of thought and expression on the Internet in order to have an impact on society. Gabriel Carson, a blogger and founding member of @internetvoices, explains the situation, “when we have limited access to the internet, we have limited our ability to express ourselves and our freedom of thought, because you have created a barrier of how you can embrace yourself with the world.” In Tanzania, a country with a population of roughly 57.3 million, only about 23 million users have access to the Internet.

Digital inclusion is the focus of the youth in Peru, and that includes all stakeholders, private sector, academia, civil society and government. Paola Galvez, ambassador of the Peruvian Youth Internet Society, announces that the first Youth IGF (@youthigfperu) will be held in Lima next week on 4th December to address issues of inclusion. The event is expected to attract many interested young people. “We have open registration on social media, and we are working on spreading the message to have more youth with us”, Paola says. 

The IGF Berlin has succeeded in gathering youth from around the world with different backgrounds. It offers a convenient platform to discuss their present and future concerns. “The goal is to connect all the young people. Get together and find a common basis on which we can work as young people.” says Kathrin Morasch, a representative of Youth IGF Germany.

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