Meet the Team


Aisha Sharipzhan is making sure the Kollektiv.e WordPress blog is up to date with the latest reports, videos and photos from IGF 2019 produced by all students. Aisha is also behind the camerawork and video post-production for Team Two. You can find Aisha on WordPress and LinkedIn.

Darius Platt-Vowles is Kollektiv.e’s official YouTube channel manager. A member of Team One, he is best at writing, but also likes to think he is nifty behind the camera. This is somewhat of a generous statement though. He also wrote this about himself in the third person.

Elisa Junges is part of Kollektiv.e’s social media team and a member of team one. Elisa will be mostly in charge of camera work and post-production. You can find Elisa on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

Ian Marsden is coordinating production and is also a member of team two reporting throughout the week on events from the floor

Lisa Frising is part of Kollektiv.e’s social media team and helps to create innovative content. As a member of Team Three, Lisa is very passionate about camera work but also loves to engage herself in video post-production. You can find Lisa on LinkedIn and Instagram.

Rachael Davies is coordinating Kollektiv.e’s social media coverage and also reporting current news on the ground at IGF 2019 as a member of Team One. You can find Rachael on Twitter and WordPress.

Veronica Sirianni is very interested in human rights and digitalisation. Part of Kollektiv.e’s Social Media team and Team 3, she will be an on site journalist, writer and editor for the IGF Newsroom. You can find Veronica on LinkedIn and Instagram.

Warda Imran Sheikh will be running around looking for inspiration for writing features, and assisting in video production. Her assets are her words, but she is nifty with other mediums as well. She is part of the editorial team, and you can find Warda ranting on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Avik Majumdar

Khaled Zaza

Peggy Whitfield