EU Commission to focus on Artificial Intelligence

By Warda Imran

The incoming newly-elected European Commission will focus on Artificial Intelligence, and aim to develop a new policy initiative on AI within the first 100 days in office, the European Delegation to the UN announced on Tuesday.

Katarzyna Gogol, a member of the European Delegation to the UN responsible for digital and communication topics, announced that the newly elected members of the European Commission would focus on the realm of Artificial Intelligence. “There will be a policy initiative on AI within the first 100 days but for the moment I can’t say more about this because the shape and content still needs to be designed in Brussels,” she told HMKW students exclusively. 

She further added that the top priority for Europe right now is to invest and fund research for development and deployment of AI technology. She stressed the importance of financing such initiatives as the panel she participated in at IGF in Berlin gave diverse inputs from Argentina, Japan and US respectively among others. The connecting thread between the panelists remained the OECD’s recommendations on AI and to shape an international policy framework on the topic, she stated.

For the incoming EU commission that takes office on December 1, such an announcement days prior indicates the potential mandate member states of the EU can expect. Gogol also stressed the importance of AI, digital cooperation and the role of the IGF. She pledged Europe’s support to the UN’s governance forum, adding that they need to be “stronger and deliver results.”


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